Braking INCAS brake system Gen3. 3mm Thick Disc (includes Discs)



Braking INCAS full system, 2 levers, 2 Callipers, Hose and fittings. 

System is charged and comes complete with pads & the all new 3mm Thick Discs. Hoses pre-cut to 950mm Front and 1800mm Rear.


The Master cylinder has been developed to separate the mechanical function from the hydraulic function, keeping them completely independent from the support structure.

Hydraulic Function: This innovative system of interchangeable hydraulic cylindrical cartridges containing different sized piston rods allows variation of the amount of brake fluid moved by the piston rod and/or the speed/pressure at which the fluid is moved.

Mechanical function: The leverage system can be adjusted regardless of the piston position, in order to get the ergonomics perfectly tailored. The piston position can be adjusted to reduce the lever stroke.

Support structure: The aluminium body is constructed from high quality CNC forged machining.


The calliper, constructed from forged CNC machining utilizing hard oxidation, has been designed as such to maximise surface and structural resistance allowing it to function at much higher working pressures.

In order to have an effective and powerful brake, the diameter of the calliper pistons is 26mm. This maintains effective and powerful braking at all temperatures. The external shape of the calliper is optimized in order to increase the heat exchange surface of the body and structural resistance, to properly sustain all the possible thermal and mechanical stresses.

Both calliper and pistons are made of high strength aluminium alloy to reduce weight. The pistons are subjected to hard oxidation in order to increase the resistance and reduce the wear, optimizing the overall product life.

All MTB disciplines including e-Bikes. 

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